Employing World Class Crew

Employment on cruise ships is rewarding and closely regulated. Jobs on cruise ships are cruise-crewin high demand with cruise lines often receiving up to 100 applications for each position. Cruise lines also enjoy high crew retention rates of up to 80 percent.

Specialized Training

Crewmembers are trained rigorously to ensure the safety and wellbeing of passengers onboard. They are trained to meet national and international regulations and industry policies to help ensure that they’re equipped to handle situations that arise at sea. No matter their job onboard, crewmembers must be trained in safety and first aid procedures, such as emergency procedures, signals and alarms; evacuation procedures; and fire prevention and fire safety.

In addition, crew participate in weekly and monthly emergency drills to keep their skills fresh. Even if crew have worked on a cruise ship before, they must refresh their safety training periodically.

Employee Protections Already in Place

Strict workplace standards are set by the International Labour Organization’s Maritime Labour Convention, which protects the rights of more than 1.2 million seafarers. The Convention governs all aspects of crew employment including wages, hours, medical care, leave, benefits and accommodations onboard. Furthermore, hours of work and rest must comply with international law, flag state regulations and any applicable collective bargaining agreements.

A Rewarding Employment Experience

In addition to their pay, crew receive free medical care, room and board. They are also encouraged to obtain additional education and training to continue to hone their works skills for career advancement.

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