CLIA Asia has 3 levels of qualifications.

Download the Travel Agent Guide to CLIA Accreditation 2018 (Asia) for more information.


This is the entry level of Accreditation.

Agents who display their accredited certificate and/or logo illustrate that they have passed all the necessary criteria as charted by the official representing body of the cruise industry, and thus are better equipped to provide cruise holiday advice and sales than general service providers.

Note: Part of the qualifying criteria is for all Accredited Cruise Agents to have experienced a cruise themselves.


The second tier of certification indicates agents have engaged in the cruise industry with training and experience beyond the entry level.


The top tier of the CLIA Asia accreditation program is the Masters Certificate.

Agents who have achieved this level are fully engaged in all things cruising, stand out from the crowd, and statistically, are the highest sellers of cruise.

CLIA’s Online Learning Academy

Whether you are selling cruise for the first time, or an advanced cruise seller, the CLIA Learning Academy covers all your training needs to gain your certification;

  • Over 1000 pages of crucial cruise information
  • 200+ videos (including 64 videos created by CLIA)
  • Over 100 games
  • 158 downloadable PDFs (including guides and reference sheets) with links to over 150 websites
  • 100+ pop-up quizzes

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