Travel Agencies urged to equip themselves with cruise knowledge to cater to the growth in cruise travellers

Singapore, 19 March 2018 – Cruise travel amongst Singaporeans is on the rise with passenger numbers from Singapore showing an increase of close to 20% between 2015 and 2016. The surge in cruises sailing out of Singapore and a keen interest in cruise from travellers will continue to fuel this growth.

Cover photo brochureAs the overwhelming majority of cruise sales comes from travel agents, agencies are recognising the need to equip their staff with in-depth cruise knowledge to cater for the growing segment of cruise travellers.

Since Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) established their Asia regional office in Singapore late last year, key agencies such as Chan Brothers Travels, Dynasty Travel and Citystate Cruises have come onboard and joined CLIA. CLIA membership allows travel professionals to access CLIA’s bespoke online Learning Academy, currently used by more than 25,000 cruise agents globally, and enhance their cruise knowledge to be better equipped to sell cruise holidays.

“Consumers, especially those planning for their first cruise holiday are looking for expert advice from their travel agents – someone whom can perfectly match them to their dream cruise vacation. CLIA accredited agents undergo extensive training and have the expertise and will, therefore, be able to provide the best cruise product advice. We urge agencies to reach out to CLIA and learn more about how to become a member,” said Mr Joel Katz, Managing Director for CLIA Australasia & Asia.

“Rather than just selling cruises to customers, the professional cruise agents must have the knowledge and expertise on cruises and also know their customers well, so that the types of cruises suggested to them are the ones that best meet their customers’ needs and maximise their enjoyment. It is essential that our agents have the relevant opportunities to upgrade their skills and knowledge to improve and enhance their cruise selling experience. We believe CLIA is by far the most suitable platform for our agents to become cruise-educated on an ongoing basis” Mr Albert Ho, Executive Director, Citystate Cruises, said.

“Training is the bedrock on which Dynasty Travel build our business, knowing a product inside and out is the first step and being able to recommend and then sell it. As a CLIA member, we are confident that our cruise team members will enhance their overall cruise sales skills and knowledge of Southeast Asia cruises, in particular, and other types of cruises to sell cruise vacations better,” said Ms Alicia Seah, Director of Public Relations & Communications at Dynasty Travel.

“There is a transformational change in cruise travel, from leisure luxury cruise liners to river cruises and expedition cruise catering to different segments of the travellers which now comprises of the millennials to multigenerational clientele.”

“CLIA’s Learning Academy is an eagerly anticipated platform for the cruise industry to elevate the skills and product knowledge of regional and international cruise sailings. Agents are now able to easily identify the type and the nature of our customer in order to find them the right cruise. To be part of CLIA, a globally recognised association, we will be able to deliver a comprehensive booking experience for our guest,” said Mr Ricky Leong, Deputy Head of Chan Brothers Travel, Worldwide Cruise Centre.

CLIA is also partnering the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS) on a cruise workshop for NATAS’ members in the upcoming months. Further information about CLIA’s cruise training and accreditation programme for travel agents can be found here.

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